We got to spend time with Nash’s little niece this past weekend. Her name is Chuva (“rain” in Portuguese). She is a sweetheart and a little explorer. She has no fear when it comes to the adult dogs and she also has no problem spending some time alone in the yard exploring and digging! I called her the little “independent adventurer” from day 2 of her life, as I watched her leave the pack on her own while all other pups were nursing just to do a big loop away from mom and then back to find a warm place to get nestled under her arm, and she seems to be living up to that independence and sense of adventure so far! I can’t wait to watch her grow! And I can’t wait until Nash realizes she is not a little alien, but another dog! Hahaha!

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After some time off, I am going back to work. Even though I am excited to start this new chapter, it is also bittersweet because in this time I was able to spend a lot of time with my little fur ball and best buddy! We have had some great adventures, and things will change a bit, but the adventures will continue just in a different way! It is time to savour and appreciate the few days we have left of daily runsĀ and impromptu photoshoots, so that is exactly what I will do!


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