Puppy Pals

Featured here are some of Nash’s friends that I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Pepper the Havanese IMG_8182

Tucker the Golden Retriever IMG_9305

Jake the Soft Coated Weaten TerrierIMG_8122

Forrest the Australian Labradoodle Version 2

Stanley the Labrador Retriever IMG_0301 - Version 2

Robbie the Border Collie IMG_0310 - Version 2

Fozzie the Shepherd mixIMG_1123

Arwyn the Portuguese Water Dog
IMG_2194 - Version 2

Molly the Portuguese Water Dog (and my sister)Version 2

Leela the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverVersion 2

Siri the Azawakh

Koa the Portuguese Water Dog (and a cousin)
Version 2

Martha the Basset Hound


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