About Us


My name is Alex.

I am a young professional living in Whitby, ON, and I recently developed an interest in photography. I have a Portuguese Water Dog named Nash. He was born on August 17, 2014 in Petawawa, Ontario at Riverwaves Portuguese Water Dogs Kennel. My boyfriend and I are first time dog owners, and we have absolutely fell in love with this breed. Though challenging at times as a puppy, they are a true portrayal of the perfect working dog and loyal companion – man and woman’s best friend. Nash has touched my life in so many ways, and I enjoy spending as much time working and training with him as possible. I created this blog in hopes that anyone who is researching Portuguese Water Dogs or thinking of getting one can see exactly what makes living with a PWD so awesome. I hope that with this photo blog you can see what I see in him each and every day!



4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello Alex, I get to know about your page on instagram and I like it very much. My husband and I hope we will get our own pwd next year. In Germany you can’t find many breeder and so we are standing on a list and have to wait. For this time I enjoy visiting your Blog and instagram page and see all these nice pictures from such a talented photographer 🙂 I really like the hair cut from nash, he is such a nice boy. Regards from Germany

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    1. Thanks Tatjana! I’m so excited for you! The good thing about waiting for your dog is you can prepare and research as much as you can before bringing them home! Puppies are not easy at first, they have so much to learn! Find a good training school for dogs, get a crate and lots of toys (that will be destroyed with the puppy teeth hahaha) and do some research online. There are great resources! The first 8 weeks you will have the puppy are the most crucial for socialization and desensitization! Message me on Instagram if you’d like! Thank you – Nash has been in the traditional lion clip from when he was young! We like it! Take care and good luck preparing for your puppy!


  2. My human mom loves your blog and Instagram. She is jealous of all your great photos ‘cuz she can’t figure out our new camera! I’m a new Champion too in AKC! I think Nash is reeeaaaalllllyyyyy handsome. From a friend in Arizona, Poppy. (poppytheporty on Instagram)

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