Here are some links to some informative websites about Portuguese Water Dogs:

Portuguese Water Dog Club Of Canada
If you are looking for a Portuguese water dog puppy or have one and would like to get involved in the pwd community, join the PWDCC. They have events and information regarding all things pwd!

Portuguese Water Dog Club Of America
The PWDCA site has a lot of good information and alternate resources regarding pwds!

Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard
The breed standard constitutes what makes a Portuguese Water Dog a Portuguese Water Dog in terms of structure, temperment, and other atributes.

Grooming Guide
Lion clip or retriever clip? Why not try both! Here are the grooming guides for the two traditional cuts for your Portuguese Water Dog.

Water Work Equipment
If you are looking to start water work training with your dog, you can get some great beginner equipment kits here.

Portuguese Water Dog Health & Litter Database
Dog and litter information for registered Portuguese Water Dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog Pedigree Database
If you have a pwd of your own, join this site to access photos and information of your dog’s family tree!